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Delivering video online has become more complicated than ever. Moonlight Multimedia can reformat and present your video for delivery in two formats: HTML5 video for modern browsers and mobile devices, and a Flash fallback player for older browsers.

Actionscript to jQuery

Flash content is increasingly problematic as a way to deliver high-quality, highly interactive content online. To hit the broadest possible audience, and to avoid the high cost of developing the same content in multiple ways to serve different platforms, Moonlight Multimedia now develops primarily in HTML5, with a healthy dose of jQuery (a javascript library).

While some programs promise to convert existing Flash content to HTML5, it has been our experience that these conversions rarely work on files that make even moderate use of actionscript. Fortunately, actionscript2 and javascript are very nearly identical, and the gap between the two can be closed relatively easily with the help of jQuery.

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